The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is marking the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt’s death throughout 2019 with a celebration of his works. The year-long celebration opens with ‘All the Rembrandts’, in which the Rijksmuseum will present for the first time an exhibition of all 22 paintings, 60 drawings and more than 300 of Rembrandt’s prints in its collection.

John Davies Framing has worked on frames for around 60 Rembrandt paintings over the years and many of the company’s frames are likely to be included in this exhibition such as that on the Portrait of Saskia shown here.

This Frame was chosen by Dr. P. J. J. van Theil who was a the time the Director of Paintings at the Rijksmuseum. It was faithfully reproduced from item number 18 in the catalogue for the 1984 exhibition “Prijs de Lijst”. The catalogue was produced in Dutch and John Davies sponsored the English translation which was renamed “Framing in the Golden Age”. It remains the first and only truly scientific appraisal of frames of a specific era by identifying frames and paintings that had never been separated.

To see some examples of Rembrandts for which John Davies Framing has produced frames, visit our Collections gallery.