Gregory Tolkien Sauron carved triptych picture frame


In this exhibition of Paul Raymond Gregory’s monumental paintings, the collaboration of craftsman frame-maker and patron is clearly demonstrated in the most dramatic and sympathetic manner. It shows how imaginative adaptions of traditional and off-beat frame designs can enhance and bring alive the theatrical imaginations of a true Gothic artist.

The opportunity to present an exhibition – and especially a series of paintings by a contemporary artist in top-quality Antique-style frames – is a rare and creative opportunity. Styles of meticulously crafted, hand-carved frames may be drawn from a wide variety of historic styles. In this instance, the selection of each frame for a particular painting has been carefully chosen by John Davies, the framer, in collaboration with Peter Nahum, the artist’s patron. As a group, they document a successful communication between collector and frame maker and demonstrate the interplay of painting and frame as a kind of Gesamtkunstwerk. The question of the “right” frame for any individual painting is one of the most difficult to answer in the daily business of museums and collections – at least, when defining a frame as an essential complement to the image.