Collections Parameters


Items are grouped by the Collection for which the company originally made the frame. Of course, paintings are bought and sold so may no longer be in the Collection shown here. The links provided are to the Collection’s own homepage and John Davies Framing takes no responsibility for the content of these external pages.


Names are given in surname form only and relate to the attribution as it was at the time of framing the work. Where more than one artist has the same surname, these are grouped together for simplicity – for example there will be works by more than one Brueghel which appear together when this artist is selected.


Where available, the image will be a photograph of the work in the actual frame made. However, where a photograph of the final product is not available some images show the mock ups used to select the frame. In a very few cases where the order dates back further than available image files the image is an approximation of the final frame based on details from the order sheet.

The images show the frames produced for the client, but over the course of 50 years some frames will have been changed. Frames can be changed for different exhibitions, due to sales to a museum with different aesthetics, following a change in Museum Director, following a redecoration of a museum and for any number of other reasons. John Davies Framing does not purport to claim in all instances that the frame shown here is the frame currently displayed on the painting.


John Davies Framing has sought legal advice and believe that Copyright legislation has been complied with by using only items that are already in the public domain or seeking permission where required. However, if you spot an error and believe that an image should not be used, please contact and the issue will be addressed as soon as possible. Please make clear exactly which image you are referring to in your correspondence.