Probably the only company in Europe that uses a Robot Carving Machine to make carved picture frames

or any 3D object


The Reichenbacher carving machine* (see Addendum) is unique in the world of CNC machines by the way it creates its programmes.

The operator “teaches” the machine the co-ordinates by phsically moving the gantry over the carving, thereby imitating how a person “sees” the object in 3D, as opposed to CAD “computer aided drafting”.

The programme (information that has been gathered) is then numbered up and filed on computer for future use, but meanwhile the machine is loaded with 8 blocks of wood which are vacuum held to the beds, the button is pressed and the carving proceeds.

In the factory there is a “virtual” library of all the progammes, each with a unique number that corresponds to a specific image of a frame on the website.

Looking at the machine working is rather surreal because the movements are obviously human in nature which makes it feel that there is a ghost operating it. There is a video of the machine in motion on the “Workshops” page.


There is also a “physical” library of template carvings which are either in wood or as castings, taken over the years, from frames of interest. These frames will eventually become part of the virtual library when they are machined.

The carving machine thrives on large carvings and volume production which “eats” the Lime wood by the acre, as can be seen below in the “New Factory” (well it was new 15 yrs ago!)

Even with 10,000 square feet of floor space in the factory as a whole, we forever seem to be moving objects around like in a Sliding Puzzle game.

To operate the carving machine, other skills are required in the manner of mould-making, casting and jig-making in order that the templates work to pre-described datum lines.


CNC-technology at its best

Founded by Hermann Reichenbacher in Dörfles-Esbach. The first products were sculptors carving and copying machines, which were still manufactured in reduced numbers until 2011.

Manufacturing of numerically controlled top milling machines – as the first company in Europe to offer machines with 3 axes.

These products followed: multi-spindle drilling machines, copy milling machines (main market was the clog industry in the 70’s), spiral milling machines, special machines for the production of doors and kitchen furniture as well as machines for the upholstered furniture industry.

Production of CNC-machining centres.


Date of Installation to John Davies Framing
*Reichenbacher carving machine – 8 head with 5 axis
Carving machine R1032/40, machine no 1547
Robot machine RACC 2000


Probably the best CNC machines in the world.

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